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Bluetooth 4.1 MP3 WAV Decoding Board 3W Speaker Amplifier Module

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Bluetooth Decoding Board

Support bluetooth 4.1 Mode, Support automatically back to even, Support to decode WAV/APE/FLAC/MP3 files losslessly, Support to output stereo, With 3W power amplifier on board, Support USB Audio Function, Support the TF card downloading, Support U disk TF card Playing, Supprot IR remote function.


Parameters characteristics

Power Supply 3.7-5V
SNR 90dB
THD+N -70dB
Crosstalk -86dB
DNR 91dB
LOS >15m


Functions and interfaces defination


Interfaces specification



Functions of the switchs and IR remote




Key functions
PREV/V- “Short press “for the previous one,”Long press “ for volume down
P/MODE “Short press “for playing or pausing,”Long press“ for mode switch
NEXT/V+ “Short press“for the next one,”Long press“for volume up
MODE TF card.U disk.Bluetooth mode switch
RPT Single/Cycle Switch
EQ EQ Switch





Operating specification

1.Mode Control

Bluetooth mode is default, powered on when there is no U disk or TF card installed on board; And music mode is defult, powered on when U disk or TF card  is installed on board. Switching mode using adkey or IR remote.

2.Music mode

Playing the audio files stored in the U disk and TF card,when plug into U disk and TF card.

3.Bluetooth mode

When switching mode and playing “The bluetooth device is ready to pair”,it goes into Bluetooth mode and is ready to pair. The device named “XY_BT” Cell phone searched is the decoding board device.Connecting the “XY_BT” device with cell phone, the decoding board plays “The bluetooth device is connected successfuly”, the decoding board has connected with the cell phone successfully, and you can playing music through the bluetooth device. Showing in the below picture .


USB Audio

Connecting the decoding board with PC by USB data wire. Switching mode and playing “USB mode”, it’s in USB Audio mode. Playing music by PC player , and the decoding board will play the music in the PC player list. If pluging into TF card, can download music into the TF card from PC.


1.When working in the USB Audio mode, U disk mustn’t be pluged into board.

2.In the U disk playing mode, suggesting that use 5V power to supply(don’t use 3.7V power to supply), because earlier U disk can’t support 3.7V power supply.

3.When using mobile power and PC USB port to supply, must use Power port on the board(mustn’t use USB Audio port on board), or can’t playing audio files stored in U disk.

4.This decoding board only support FAT16/FAT32 file system format, both U disk and TF card, don’t support NTFS file system format.


Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth Decoding Board
1 x Remote Control