YDA138-E dual track high resolution digital power amplifier board

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YDA138-E dual track original high resolution digital power amplifier board class D audio amplifier board Hd DC12V (H5A5)


Product introduction:
1 the power amplifier board uses the import original chip YD138-E chip, the chip has the characteristics of flow protection, thermal protection, noise reduction and so on.
2. Wide working voltage, dc 9-14 v, current 2 a and above can work normally.
. 3. The power is strong, large dynamic range, small to cricket sounds, to the sound of the cannon, good performance, small distortion 8 ohm load 2*8W. 4 ohm load 2*12W.
Product parameters:
Work style: class D (since the artery width modulation)
Chip: YDA138 – E
Recommended voltage: 12V1.5A
Channel type: double track
Sex ratio: 92%
Output power: 8W+8W (8 euro) 12W+12W (4)
Product size: 58*36*21MM (does not contain the potenti